The Best Coffee I've Ever Had!

Summer Moon Coffeeeeee!

        Wood fired coffee! That's right, sounds good doesn't it? That's because it is!
At Summer Moon Coffee this is their trademark, it's what separates them from the other coffee beans in town and it works! Ask anyone else who knows about it and I'm sure they'd say the same especially if they're into a more robust flavorful coffee. Now when I say "robust" I don't mean overly strong and unbearable no no, but the technique of preparing their "organic coffee beans over an open flame in a one-of-a-kind brick roaster" as stated on their site is simply genius in my opinion. Maybe I'm biased because I love all things roasted over flames but it add a different element of flavor, a lovely char if you will please and thank you!

        Now that wood fired coffee isn't the only thing Summer Moon has going for them, uh uh no. Yes they have more to offer and it's just as wonderful! That wonder is called "Moon Milk" described as a: "Blend of  seven secret  ingredients- rich , sweet, creamy goodness".  So whether you decide on regular black coffee or a latte you really can't go wrong with either option. If those options aren't your style they have other options of course including Matcha Latte, Hibiscus Tea, there's a keto drink for those on the Keto diet thing, the options are endless so you'll definitely want to check out their menu. To make things easy for you download their app to customize your drink order at your nearest Summer Moon location for pickup!

        If you prefer to brew your own coffee in the comfort of your own home especially during this world wide pandemic, Summer Moon sells it's wood fired coffee beans on it's website. The beans hail from many different locations around the world including: Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Columbia to name a few all boasting their own unique flavors with the added enhancement of being oak roasted! The coffee shop also sells it's own merchandise like: coffee mugs and canteens, T-shirts and sweaters, hats and bandannas etc. Currently dining in at the shop and partaking in the atmosphere and free wifi is on hold; here are their health and safety guidelines in response to the virus. So if you're a coffee fan or not definitely check out a Summer Moon near you!


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