Wander and Savour in Quarantine!

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while, more than a year in fact!Anyway I've been dabbling in a few things since my last post and even more so since we've all been self-isolating! I wanted to get on and fill you in on what I've been up to including a few trips I've taken since last March!

Lets start with the whole COVID 19 pandemic that halted everyone in their tracks! How has it changed my life? Well for starters its caused me to look at myself in a different light, and it's made me realize what I want most out of life. As some of you may know I am a Texas resident by way of Maryland. My entire immediate family is on the east coast, I live alone, and since social distancing has been implemented I haven't hung out with friends in months. That being said quarantine has been a bit lonely, so I decided to adopt a fur baby. Its a whole new set of responsibilities and it helps me stay busy.

Furnishing, organizing, decorating, and cleaning my home has also been a really great distraction. I've been a frequent visitor of Wayfair, Amazon, Rooms To Go, etc. and it's been fun planning and visualizing how I want my personal space to look and feel. Since I live in an apartment which isn't the biggest space but is definitely a decent size for one person I wanted to focus on making the space appear bigger which means incorporating brighter colors. I purchased a cream colored sofa of linen material from Wayfair which arrived boxed and ready for assembly. Putting it together was pretty easy and similar to a jigsaw puzzle no screws or tools necessary. My coffee table will be here soon and then I'll have to settle on a TV stand that'll fit in with the theme. Once the living area is done I'll move on to the dining area.

Taking up a new hobby is always a good test of your abilities. I decided to give gardening a try and grow a few of my own vegetables! I chose vegetables that would grow best during the summer including Okra, Beans, Green Onions, and Basil. Once the seedlings grew to about 2 inches high I thinned them out so they wouldn't compete for nutrients. The beans have sprouted really quick and are about a foot high, the okra is trailing  behind by half, and the green onions are so puny. All of these plants prefer lots of sun, but my patio doesn't get the best light so I move them about 3 feet out into the sun for a few hours when I can. That seems to do the trick, the real issue is controlling the bugs and insects that want to post up in the garden and grub. Now my whole reasoning for growing my own veggies is the same as everyone else; to avoid rising costs, pesticides and other chemicals. So instead of running to the store to buy some chemical to control the potential threat, I decided to google some natural home concoctions. Unfortunately most of the mixes I saw included the addition of dish soap which in my opinion defeats the purpose of an all natural repellent. I tried them though, omitting the soap, and I even sprinkled some neem powder. Is it working? I'm not too confident that it is, though I think its something you'd have to stay on top of everyday.

Cooking and eating are my favorite things to do along with traveling. Since traveling right now is risky I've been cooking and creating as much as my wallet allows. I won't go into detail as to what I've made  instead I'll be posting my creations later on here so stay tuned!

Leave a comment and let me know what you've been up to during self isolation and if you can relate to my story. Thank you for reading!


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