Pho Please!

    SOOOOUUUUP! Not just any soup though, I'm talkn about PHO (Fuh). You guys know I love me some Pho, I even made a post about my own -->homemade pho<-- check it out.  For this post however I want to highlight one of the Pho spots that I frequent here in Austin called "Pho Please". Pho please is fairly new to the Riverside area, it's surrounded by lakeside apartments and other favorites including Starbucks, and Chilantro, Mod Pizza, and Orange Leaf. 

     Pho Please focuses on simple and clean dishes, and states that they only use fresh ingredients, which  I can attest is a fact! Every single dish that I've gotten from Pho Please has been delightful. My favorite dish is the PHO wontons. The wontons are stuffed with shrimp and pork, bok choy, onions, and cilantro comes in the bowl. It's served with chicken broth, but I usually get the beef broth poured over. You can also choose your favorite noodles, and throw in some extra add-ons of which there are plenty options.

  Pho Please also serves up some tasty drinks including ones with boba! My favorite is the "Matcha Green Thai Tea", served with a splash of heavy cream oooooh so guuuuuud. Check out their menu to find find out what other great drinks and entrees they serve, you wont be disapointed!

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