Contigo at the Fairgrounds, and Le Politque

    It was time for some exploring around town when my good friend Abby told me about a place called "Fairground" located downtown near the new Austin Central Library. So we made our way downtown, got a parking pass for a whole 24hrs with only a dollar and some change (luckyyy), and made our way inside the new building.At first I was a bit confused because I thought it was inside or next to the new Library itself. Though it wasn't inside we did get to explore the magnificent new structure. We appreciated the awesome new library, but we were on a mission to find "Fairground", or in other new foods! 

    Abby pulled up her google directions and it showed up at about a 10 minute walk from the library. It sits on the corner of Congress and Caesar Chavez. Fairground is in a perfect spot for all those big downtown offices for people on lunch break. There's also a few hotels across from it, so they'll definitely pull in a lot of business. As Abby and I walked in the atmosphere was pretty cool and laid back. It reminded me of local food markets back home where you have multiple restaurants in one building to choose from with plenty of open seating area. So what's there to eat in the Fairground? Well there's Antonelli's, Contigo, Dai Due, Easy Tiger, Henbit,  Ni-Kome , and the Fairground Bar for drinks, you know all that fancy new stuff.

Abby and I chose to eat from Contigo. Her first choice would have been Dai Due but they were all sold out for the day, they must have some good food that I'll need to try out one day. She chose a burger with a squash salad. I chose the quarter rotisserie chicken with tempura green beans and braised greens because I'm a growing boy and I need a whole meal!
My Contigo Meal
    Abby wanted to bang bang (her term for eating at different places back to back nothing dirty like what you were thinking ya nasty). So we went to Yummi Joy a candy shop downtown that sells Sweet Ritual ice cream. Now if you dont know about Sweet Ritual ice cream let me tell you that it is your answer to dairy free ice cream they also have gluten free cones that are absolutely scrumdiddlyumpcious! I highly recommend the "Unicorn Poop", yes that's the real name! It has skittles and sprinkles baby that's all you need :D.

Yummi Joy
 After some good ol dairy free Ice cream we went into Toy Joy right next door to check out all the awesome toys. Then we headed to Le Politique which was on the way back to car. I couldn't believe Abby triple banged haha! She wanted to check it out since she was very close to being an employee there. She purchased a croissant, I was attracted to the Kouign Amann (pronounce Queen Ahmaaaaan, yea just like that), but I didn't purchase it at first. When we left, which was somehow hard to do since they had locked the door, we struggled with it for at least 30 seconds before we realized, she left me taste the croissant and it was really good, so I knew then I had to go back for that Kouign Amann, and I wasn't disappointed. The pastry is buttery flaky crunchy and chewy from the sugar, and in the center it's almost like a custard from the melted sugar that drips down when baking. It was awesome I'd definitely go back for more awesome pastries!
    Twas a good mini exploring day! Thank you for reading and dont forget to share and comment I appreciate your support!
Le Politique


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