Crepe Date!

   Le Crepe Cafe!

    Hello Folks! I'm back at it again with another post for you to savour. I know its been a while, but I've been working on another big post from a trip I took a while back, so stay tuned it's almost done! I decided to post a little "inbetweener" to keep hope alive haha.

  This time around I bring you some Parisian inspiration! My friend Angela and I decided to go back to a little Parisian cafe here in Austin called Le Cafe Crepe! The owners, French natives and brother sister duo boasts authentic french style crepes both savory and sweet. They even designed the cafe to mimic the Parisian style and atmosphere, which was another reason Angela and I chose this place. We wanted to go to France on a budget, and this was as close as we could get!

   Le Cafe Crepe sits on the corner of San Jacinto and 2nd St here in Austin. Its connected to the Hampton Inn and Suites, so if you're in town and want to be close to all the downtown action restaurants and bars, or to even take care of business it's a very convenient location. P.F. Changs and Gus's fried Chicken are right across the street. It's an easy walk to the Convention Center if you have a conference or convention to attend there, and 6th street is a quick walk also if you have some partying to do!

Outside dining area.

   The first time we came here it was a mild Spring day, perfect to sit out in their charming courtyard dining area. When you walk in take the liberty to seat yourself and your server will be with you promptly. As we glanced at the menu there were plenty of crepe options to choose from without being overwhelming. There's also salads, drinks, and even ice cream if you're not into crepes,but want the atmosphere. 

 I chose to get a Single Espresso and the Crunchy Camille crepe. This crepe was complete with brown sugar, orange zest, chopped pecans, Vanilla ice cream and honey, with a shake of powdered sugar! Angela chose the Pomme Cannelle donned with baked apples, honey, cinnamon, and Vanilla ice cream. For her drink she chose a double Iced Macchiato.
Single Espresso Please!
"Pomme Cannelle" up top "Crunchy Camille below.


 Angela and I enjoyed every part of our "Parisian" experience at Le Cafe Crepe, sitting in the courtyard enjoying the spring breeze, our lunch, and people watching. We were like two French women in the middle of Texas!

Round Duex! "The Greek up top, " The Hampton" below, and plenty of hot sauce.
    We enjoyed it so much we came back for a second time! This time we sat inside to get out of the summer heat, and opted for the savory options. Angela chose "The Greek" with Spinach, feta, sun-dried tomato pesto, fresh basil, black and green olive puree, and fresh tomato. I chose "The Hampton", filled with Turkey Pastrami, blue cheese, spinach, tomato, green onion, and avocado. We both ordered a double Iced Macchiato this time. Everything was up to par just like last time.

Double Iced Macchiato

  Le Cafe Crepe was a pleasing experience for both visits. I highly recommend visiting, if you're out for lunch and in the mood for crepes, or just for the atmosphere. It's definitely worth it!

    As always thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you enjoyed this post, and will consider taking a trip to Le Cafe Crepe to have your own experience! Please dont forget to comment, subscribe and Share!


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