My favorite Summer treats in Austin!

It's Summer Time Ya'll!

    Everyone has their favorite summer time treats, and the particular establishments they go to to get those favorites. For me, a native Marylander living in central Texas, I unfortunately don't have easy access to one of my all time favorite summer treats. If you've been to Maryland then you know that favorite is The Blue Crab! Since Maryland isn't "landlocked", it has easy access to fresh seafood which is one of the things I miss most about home. Of course I miss my family too :).

    That being said I have to make due with what I'm given here in my new home of Austin. Lucky for me Austin has some delicious treats all year round, but I enjoy these better when the one hundred degree weather is ripe. Now unshockingly two of favorite summer treats here are ice cream, and snow cones  (snowballs). My favorite summer fruits are White Nectarines and Cherries.

    I know I know , you expected something extravagant or something you've never heard of right? Simple pleasures can be hard to come by, with everyone being so eager to impress, so lets not take them for granted. My first favorite and most frequented cool summer treat is from South Austin Sno.
Cherry and Blue Coconut Sno Cone

    South Austin Sno's sno cones are simple yet refreshing. They have plenty of flavors to choose from including sour flavors, sugar free, and premade combos. My favorite flavor combo is Cherry and Blue Coconut. If you're a sno cone lover be sure to ask about their stamp card and bring it every time you visit, you get a free sno cone after you purchase eight. South Austin Sno

   My other super simple summer fav is Holla Modes Thai style ice cream. Thai style ice cream is simply pouring fresh liquid ice cream ingredients onto a frozen stainless steal surface and mixing and smoothing with two spackle like tools until the liquid ingredients solidify. Then the ingredients are smoothed into a thin layer rolled up like ribbons and gently placed into your cup.  

    If you choose any toppings they'll be mixed in during this process unless you specify not to. Holla Mode offers many of their own flavor combos, but you can also build your own, with the choice of getting a local dairy milk base or a coconut base cream. What I love about Thai Style ice cream in general is how fresh and refreshing it tastes. It has a unique cooling effect unlike premade ready to eat ice cream. I crave this stuff often. My favorite Flavor combo is Cherry Lemonade usually with shortcake mixed in or on top. Holla Mode
Cherry Lemonade

Favorite Summer Fruits

    White Nectarines are my new obsession. I've always been wary of purchasing certain  fruits on the off chance that it isn't near my sweetness radar. But one day whilst strolling through good ol Trader Joes I came upon them. Of course there was a debate between my never failing honeycrisp apples, but I took a chance and oh boy I was not disappointed. These babies were firm, sweet, and juicy!
    Cherries! Can you tell I really love cherries? They are the perfect snack, filled with antioxidants and loads of other nutritional value including zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, and Vitamins C and A. Apart from being nutritious they're so delicious! :p

What are your favorite Summer time treats? Let me know by leaving a comment below, and be sure to share this post!
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