Cuba 512!

Hello Everyone! It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and a beautiful day for a belly of food :).

    Actually today was sort of a rainy day, which I've absolutely appreciated. Summer time in Texas is no joke. We've been experiencing some one hundred degree weather for the past couple of weeks and that little bit of rain cooled it down to a lovely 88 degrees :D. Hey we take what we can get!

    My plan for the day was to stay cooped up in the house and work on my next post; however my friend Tamara wanted to do some bonding and treat me to lunch today. She told me that there was this new Cuban restaurant nearby she wanted to try called Cuba 512. So since I can never refuse my snicker-doodle (Tamara) I went along(she has pro convincing powers, and the offer to pay wasn't bad either)!

 The Cuban style cafe sits in a strip mall in between a Planet Fitness and a trampoline park off of West gate and William Cannon. It seemed fairly new and  part of it is still under a bit of construction for expansion of their dining area. We decided to sit outside to enjoy the rainy weather. Service was swift and to the point.

A look at the Menu:
    Cuba 512 offers Starters,Brunch (Sat-Sun only) Lunch Specials, Entrees, Chef Specials, and both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages from the bar.
From the traditional Ceviche, to  the Classic El Cubano, and Masas Fritas, there was plenty to choose from. I opted for something small since I'd had a hefty breakfast. I chose the Pan de Pollo al Horno Sandwich with a side of Maduros, which was apart of their "Cuban Combo". The Pan de Pollo is basically a roasted chicken sandwich, with Swiss cheese, avocado,and mayo on cuban bread, maduros is deep fried sweet plantain.Tamara chose the Masas Fritas. This would have been my second choice as I love the idea of crispy pork on the outside and juicy inside. She chose beans and rice and tostones as her sides. It also came with garlic oil for dipping.

Presentation and Taste:
My Pan de Pollo el Horno
   The presentation of my of our meals was lackluster, but that didn't deter us at all. We dug right into meals. I bit into my sandwich and was immediately flavor bombed. The roasted chicken was marinated and cooked perfectly, it was tender and juicy, but not so much that it soaked the bread. The dressings on the sandwich helped intensify the flavor of the chicken. I was pleased. Tamara's fried pork chunk were cipsy outside and tender inside. The garlic oil, which is served on the side for dipping paired well, and increased the flavor of the pork tremendously. 
   For dessert we chose the traditional flan, which in my opinion was a bit overcooked, as there were lots of air holes. The flavor however did not take a hit and was pretty spot on.
Pretty nails and Flan

    I don't often get to have Cuban cuisine here in Austin, so it was worth emerging from my coop. Cuba 512 was a pleasant surprise close to my neck of the woods and I wouldn't mind stopping by for a full entree next time!


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