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My favorite Barbecue in Austin

Browns BBQ!
     Browns happens to be one of my favorite BBQ spots here in Austin, TX  I was first introduced to it by a friend who assured me it was the best in town. Seeing as I didn't have much to compare it to I trusted his intuition.

    I didn't quite know what to expect on our way there, but I certainly didn't envision a food truck!
Yet there it was in all its glory, that bright red bundle of belly joy! The truck is nestled right in front of "The Corner Bar". It's hard to miss especially if you're looking for "The Corner Bar" haha. 

    I opted for the brisket, potato salad and beans if I recall correctly. We sat down at their shaded picnic tables and dug in. It was absolute beefy smokey melt in your mouth Texas BBQ heaven. I knew then in my heart that this was my official BBQ go to spot!

 I know you all may think I'm biased considering at the time I hadn't had much to go on. However I'm writing this after I've experience…

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