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Pesty Latte!

Pesty's Iced Latte!

    During quarantine I did a lot of surfing on YouTube and Instagram, I know you did too don't even deny it lol. There were so many interesting and inspiring posts that motivated me to get up and create something!

 One Instagrammer/YouTuber  @hanse____

 that I found  had a page dedicated to making some fun cafe style drinks. It was one of the most relaxing things I've watched and it was ASMR friendly too.

     I decided to try out my own drinks making short videos on Instagram. I'm going to start a short drinks series for you all to follow along with here on Wander and Savour called "Refreshing Drinks to Sip on for Spring and Summer" even though springs almost over.

    I started with a mediocre Latte type drink just to get in the groove. Latte is just espresso and usually steamed milk. I chose to make it an iced latte and I used Almond milk of course because me and Lactose are not friends! I had some cheap Nestle instant coffee, even t…

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