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Tik Tok's Whipped Coffee!

Dalgona Coffee!

    Whipped coffee or Dalgona Coffee has recently gained a lot of popularity here in the U.S. over the past few months. Thanks to an actor named Jung Il Woo who discovered it while traveling to Macau, and then shared it via YouTube. The coffee trend made its way over to TikTok and has gained lots of attention and helped keep many people busy through self isolation. Apparently Woo gave the coffee the name "Dalgona" because it reminded him of a honeycomb toffee candy of the same name that he used to eat as a kid. 
    Although Woo gave the special coffee its recent popularity whipped coffee has actually been around for a while. There's no record of the originator of the sensation but here's a brief history overview that you can check out ---> Dalgona Origin
    Dalgona coffee is super easy to make with equal parts of each ingredient all whipped together. It can either be mixed in with or topped on milk. Here's a recipe you can follow to get yo…

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